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Does your company still use paper
mission reports
paper worksheets?
Then it's time to ramp things up a gear
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WHAT IS DaWork ?

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DaWork is a platform allowing SMEs to use a personalized mobile app for its staff on the road.

Usually, these staff members fill out a paper worksheet or mission report that their client signs to approve the work done. These worksheets should be manually encoded in an ERP system and then archived, if necessary.


A mobile app like DaWork allows these mission reports to be saved directly in their ERP.
The development of such an app involves a heavy cost, which is too high an investment for many SMEs.


DaWork offers a mobile app that can be configured according to customer needs. Each SME has its field requirements (a technician who must install a photocopier fills in another data that a technician who goes to private homes to maintain a boiler).
DaWork programs the fields and screens specific to each SME.


No expensive mobile app development, the business model is based on a rental monthly license per user. This rental includes maintenance, debugging, and evolutions of the app.

Get in touch for more info or a demo 

+32 475 74 35 66

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Choose your solution

Right now, DaWork offers 2 solutions: DaWork Plants and DaWork Base.

DaWork Plants is a tailor-made solution for companies specialized in the interior landscaping business (plants rental). It consists of a mobile app for the technicians on the road and a management system for managing the technicians, service points, routes, worksheets, plant orders, and plant replacements.

DaWork Base is a spin-off from DaWork Plants and is a more generic solution for any kind of business having a workforce on the road. The solution contains a mobile app for the employees on the road and an API to connect to an ERP. In the near future, we'll also offer a management system for clients without an ERP.

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interior landscaping or

plant rental business

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DaWork Plants


DaWork Base


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